Edit WRL file. a dummie need a bit of guideance


i got an wrl file with the Arduino Due shield

I only wanted the pin headers and not the whole board

I tried to load it in to freecad to delete the parts that i dont want but that did not work

Are there other free programs that a dummie like me can use to make simple edits with

It will be hard to get single parts elements from a WRL file and I dont know any software that will easily list it for you.
Why not just get pin headers files isolated from other sources and place it manually?

i wanted to try and edit first and maybe learn a new tool

i can always place headers manual but i would not learn much from that :smiley:

KiCad allows multiple 3d models to be attached to one footprint, which is how I did that. If you edit the shield footprint, you can simply remove the wrl file for the Arduino model, which was called something like ArduinoMega_k.wrl.

yeah i think that will be how i end up doing it… just thought that it would be a shame to start from scratch if i could avoid it in an easy way

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