Edit property of multiple pads at once

I have a simple question. In a footprint, I want to select two footprints and edit both of them simultaneously.
For example I have pad 1 at Y = 0, X = 5 and pad 2 at Y = 8, x = 6. I want to select both of them and make Y = 3 for both of them but keep current X. Is this possible or would I have to script this in? (I am using the latest Nightly)

I have found similar questions but they were quite old and I was wondering if any new progress has been made in this regard. Apologizes if this has been asked recently.

Later Edit: In case someone else had the same problem:
First, align pads in the direction you want to move them by using right click-> Align/Distribute and then select both of them again and rigth click-> Special Tools -> Position Relative To… and move them to the required location. Not as nice as being able to edit them both at once, but still faster than moving them individually.

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