Edit Multiple pins in part library editor

Is there a way to select multiple pins and edit their properties at the same time such as “Common to all Units…”

Is their a script for this?

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Just to make sure - from the words being used I assume you’re talking schematic symbols?

There is this in the context menu in the nightly version I’m using under Win7/64bit:

Then there are these options that affect them all (should not be nightly restricted):

Also there are two buttons, neither let you open a sheet with pins to edit them together and I have no idea atm what the highlighted button actually does (greyed out for non-multi-parts), but it’s there:

The button to the right of it shows an non-editable table of the pins in the symbol, which with some more refinement and actual ability to change stuff in there would probably be the most convenient thing to have.

Finally, the actual libraries are human readable and depending on what you want to change it’s easily done in a text editor of your choice or via scripts.
Example (for the 4 pin header in the first screenshot - I highlighted the pin entries):

# Con_PinHeader-RM1.27_TH-04P-2Row-Angled
DEF Con_PinHeader-RM1.27_TH-04P-2Row-Angled XS 0 40 Y Y 1 F N
F0 “XS” -225 0 50 V V C CNN
F1 “Con_PinHeader-RM1.27_TH-04P-2Row-Angled” -150 0 50 V V C CNN
F2 “Connectors:Conn_PinHeader-RM1.27_4P-2x02-Angled” 0 0 10 H I C CNN
F3 “E:\Datasheets\Electronics\ElectroMechanical\Connectors\RM_1.27mm\Sullins_1.27mm_doubleRow_Angled_82_GRPB___2MWCN-RC,11020-C.pdf" 0 0 10 H I C CNN
F4 “GRPB022MWCN-RC” 0 0 10 H I C CNN “Manf#”
F5 “Sullins” 0 0 10 H I C CNN “Manf”
F6 "
” 0 0 10 H I C CNN “Optn”
X ~ 1 0 225 110 L 50 50 1 1 I
X ~ 2 0 75 110 L 50 50 1 1 I
X ~ 3 0 -75 110 L 50 50 1 1 I
X ~ 4 0 -225 110 L 50 50 1 1 I

PS: EESchema doesn’t know scripting yet - this is restricted to PCBnew at the moment. No idea when it will come to EEschema.

Yeah I am trying to edit the schematic symbol. And change multiple pin properties at the same time. Specifically the one shown below. Using the mac version. 4.0.5.

Do you have any idea which part of pin definition in the text files goes to which property?

‘Common to all units in component’ means, that this pin will appear in all units of a multi-part symbol. You sure, you want that?

I think the line in the lib file should roughly convert to this (‘X’ means pin):

X [pin name] [pin number] [x pos] [y pos] [orientation] [name text size] [number text size] [length] [?] [?] [?]

the [?] fields will probably relate to electrical type, graphic style and visibility…

For multiparts the pin number get’s an unit ID attached (a,b,c…), so it’s clear in which unit this pin appears. The initial DEF field will have the 1 change to 2 or more, depending on unit count.
Just test some variations and see what is stored in the file.

Thanks. I’ll play with the text file to see If i can get what i want.

Did you ever find a way to bulk change this setting? Applying one by one to 100 pins when you want to move just 5 of them to a different unit gets old…

Do you mean something like: Symbol Editor / Edit / Pin Table …?
Looks like:

Also, maybe you can do something with:

(If it can only extract from .pdf, you can put an existing schematic symbol in a schematic, and make a pdf from it. I have not done it myself, don’t now how well it works).

There are also other side projects around KiCad to do all kind of fancy things, such as:

No, not like that unfortunately.

This is specifically about the “Common to all units in component” setting on each pin, which is not available in the table.