Edit Multi Text plugin for KiCad

Hi all,
I just released first beta for my plugin.
And here is the github repo
Try it out and let me know if you find it useful. If you find bugs please report them.


Works well on the current linux mint.
Accidentally clicked the “Clear Log” button halfway through testing. This stopped the plugin working.
Just closed then re-opened and all was well again.

Pushed my luck and tried it in 6.99… not much works. :innocent:

EDIT: Only real complaint is the “R1” icon in light blue on a white background is a little lost on the white toolbar. I’d prefer to see a strong color as a border. It would make it easier, for tired old eyes, to aim the mouse cursor. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you for report

Are you aware of: PCB Editor / Edit / Edit Text and Graphics Properties?

It looks like:

It can dopretty much everything your plugin does, and then some more (Such as (re) setting to defaults for multiple layers).



6.99 goes even further… you can change fonts.

So, what is then the use case of this plugin?

If it can do anything that the default Edit text and graphics properties can not do, then thats probably quickly added to the default dialog if a request is made on gitlab.

So, what is then the use case of this plugin?

Even if it does nothing more than Edit text and graphics properties-dialog: it offers a different look&feel.
In fact it offers much less functionality, but exactly this makes the plugin easier to use (I hope). I have installed it and will give it a try for the next days/weeks - maybe it will integrate into the “normal day”-workflow.

thank you, i will check

Hi @paulvdh.
I sorry about my mistake. I don’t know about Edit Text and Graphic Properties. Befor, I try with Text & Graphics and it not working. Then, I write Edit Multi Text plugin
Thank You For Your Support

I have never experimented with the defaults for text size and width myself. I assume that all thexts from library symbols and footprints have their individual properties defined in the libraries themselves (so they are all independent). Then, (in the board setup dialog you have shown) you can set some values, but they would not (and should not!) change anything directly.

Only when you use the Edit Text and Graphic Properties window with the: “Set to Layer Defaults” radio button checked, should text properties of items on the PCB be changed.

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