Edge.Cuts Layer replication in PCB NEW (how to ?)

Hi all.
I am a beginner with kicad.
I have something I cannot do & I am stuck after trying to find a faq with not succes on this point.

I’m making a 430 Mhz nano transceiver. Which is split in 2 PCB: one for the main functions, the second for having the battery holder. The two boards being connected via PIN headers/connectors

In PCBNEW I would like to replicate the Edge.Cuts layer of BOARD 1 to BOARD 2. I would then be able to place the battery foot print into it.

Is it possible ? How ? ANy tutorial I missed ?


I get something like this ( I did not managed , it is Photoshop :slight_smile: )

  1. Open the .pcbnew file with a text editor, it is human-readable (close pcbnew first).

  2. Find the lines that contain the string (layer Edge.Cuts) They will look similar to this:

(gr_line (start 111.506 109.22) (end 111.506 77.724) (layer Edge.Cuts) (width 0.15))

where start and end define the X/Y coordinates for the lines.

Copy the whole block with your edge definition and modify each Y corrdinate to get a big enough offset from the layout.

  1. Save the edited file

  2. Open in pcbnew and tweak lines, if necessary.

Why so complicated? It can be done from within pcb_new.

At least in open gl canvas (Use F11 to switch to open gl or view-> switch canvas to open gl): I can’t find a way in legacy/default. Another thing where open gl is better.
Simply left click + hold shift to select the complete outline and use duplicate (ctrl + d). After that just move the mouse and left click again to place the new outline. Or use move exactly (ctrl+m) if you want some exact distance between the copied features.

If you need something with more than two copies it might be a good idea to use the array feature.

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Working like a charm … tnx so much …

hum … after all not exactly
I think I’m not doing the right way

I manage to duplicate the EdgeCuts but impossible to create the sister board .
I did not find how to also duplicate the copper boards

Does it mean we have to open a completely new project to create the sister board ?
if so I imagine we have to export the duplicated edgeCuts and reimport them ?

If you have two boards that might be manufactured separately, then best practice would be to create two different projects. I’m not sure what happens if you submit two boards in the same gerber file to a fab house, they might reject it or charge an extra setup cost.

If you will always manufacture the boards on the same “panel”, then you could create them in the same project. You need to design them as a single physical unit joined with tabs or mouse bites, or designed to be V scored.


My factory charges me an extra yes (they call it panelization)

Yes ! Managed; Tnx for your help.

KiCAD won’t render separate pcb outlines.
It will only accept a single outline.

As @bobc writes… if you arrange them as panel yourself you get them as such.
We just had a thread about that…