Edge Cuts layer file empty

Hi all. Im trying to send gerber file. The manufacturer’s software reaponds that the edge cut layer file is empty. Guidance how to creat edge cuts in PCBnew and then update the Geber file is much appreciated.

  1. Select the Edge.Cuts layer in the Appearance Manager on the right side of the PCB Editor.
  2. Draw a PCB outline on it with a combination of graphical lines and arc segments. In total it should be an enclosed shape with endpoints of the graphical objects snapped to each other.

I assume you’ve already drawn a PCB outline, but that it’s on the wrong layer. If it’s made up of graphical lines, you can select them and edit their properties to change it to the Edge.Cuts layer instead of drawing it new.


I thank you for the fast guidance response. I will follow it and let you know

Worked !!thank you a lot!!!

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