Edge.Cuts export corrupted using Python interface

Hi KiCad folks,

we’re using the https://gist.github.com/spuder/4a76e42f058ef7b467d9 python script to export Gerber / Excellon files for our PCB service.
Since a few days the Edge.Cuts gerber file is empty beside the common gerber header stuff. It is possible to reproduce this by setting up a new Ubuntu 16.04 instance, installing KiCad 4.0.7 from ppa and running the Python script with any drawing. Doing the same but using the KiCad from the Ubuntu packages with version 4.0.2 works perfectly fine.

Do you have any ideas what could cause this issue?

One more thing, if we set SetExcludeEdgeLayer to false all other layer include the Edge.Cuts but the actual Edge.Cuts gerber files is still empty.

Thank you for your support, KiCad is awesome :slight_smile:

Bugreports of this kind of ‘urgency’ and importance are definitely better handled over at the bugtracker…

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