Edge.Cuts and Layer alignment target


there are different opinions about Layer-alignment-targets are needed.
If they are used, they should be on all layer, without any exception.
But Layer-alignment-targets are part of Edge.Cuts.
Creating Gerberfiles, I can choose to include or not include Edge.Cuts
in that Gerberfile.
On some Gerberfiles I do not like the Edge.Cuts.
On Cu layer I do not like to have copper at the edge of the board.
On Silk layer I do not like to have Silk-print at the edge of the board.
On Paste layer I do not like to have Paste on the edege of the board.
So I disable Edge.Cuts while creating theese Gerberfiles.
But then the Layer alignment target disapear as well from that layer.

Is there any way to keep the Layer alignmemt targets, while disabling
the Edge.Cuts.
IMHO Layer alignment targets should not be part of Edge.Cuts,
so that they can be controlled indepentently.




Since I never used them, is there anything special about LAT that couldn’t be done with a regular footprint?


The footprinteditor does not allow to draw on all layers.
Not on Cu and not on Edge.Cuts



Ok, seeing as you’re the expert, I won’t bother telling you how I do it. :wink:

I always wonder why people bother asking questions, when they are so sure they already have all the answers.


Don’t exclude edge cuts when plotting the other layers. Make your lines on the edge cuts layer thin and they get milled away anyway.


I did not have the answer.
But the last hour I played around with the footprinteditor and found out
that it does not work this way.
Finaly I modified the footprint .kicad-mod by a texteditor.
I added the missing layers.
The footprint seems to work now.



We were doing that way always. Some time ago I was speaking with PCB manufacturer and they told they don’t need edge cuts being added to other layers (as coordinates tells them everything). Since about 2 years I don’t add edge-cut to other layers. I’m not familiar with PCB technology changes. For example I recently get info, that Silks are now done by printer and not by silk-screen printing. I’m not sure if they still need anything to coordinate layers with each other - may be everything is done digitally from coordiantes.


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