Edge Cuts Allignment Help

When I try to use edge cuts, I can’t get it aligned with my components, as I need it to an almost perfect size. What should I do?

Not - enough - information - to - work - with - pal.

Before posting (or even after, we got an edit feature for posts) re-read what you wrote 2-3 times and try to understand the problem from what you wrote, not from what you know or what you see.

So please, elaborate further on what your problem is, maybe even post a screenshot if possible.

If the finished board must have a specific outline, or fit in a particular enclosure, or be secured by mounting holes at specific locations, or include components (such as connectors, switches, LED’s, etc) that must align to some other assembly . . . . then most of us would start by defining the EDGE.CUTS layer. After that is complete we would start placing parts within the board outline.

On the OpenGL canvas I think you can select almost anything (tracks, footprints, zone boundaries, outline cuts, etc) and edit their locations to a much higher precision than any board fabricator can achieve. This allows you to place items right at the very edge of copper clearance zones, board-edge setback zones, part-to-part spacings, etc.


You can either edit the Edge Cut line properties and set the end point positions of each segment precisely or import a DXF file from a CAD software package

If the board mechanical design is complex, then I would design the board in a mechanical CAD package. Then save the plan view of the board as a DXF file. For me, I would then create a “dummy” package which included the board outline and perhaps other critical locating features. The package outline will need to be in the EDGE.CUTS layer, but you may have a reference layer as well. I then place this part into my design either in the schematic or manually in the layout software. I lock it in place and use the software to place the components in relation to this package.

I do not recall, but the footprint library editor may not allow you to draw graphics in the EDGE.CUTS layer. You can get around this by manually editing the part in a text editor or changing the layer after the geometry is created. Good luck.


Edge cuts is best kept as the board outline only, else:

a) It might confuse the board house
b) Can mess up 3D viewer
c) Can mess up Freerouting