Edge cut holes not cut through

This is my first time trying to make a PCB front panel in KiCad. I have a set of holes for jacks and pots and mounting holes. When I export the gerbers I included front and back copper, solder mask, silk and edge cut layers. The problem is that when I then upload them to JLCPCB or OshPark the internal edge cuts do not show as being cut through. The KiCad 3D viewer shows them as through cuts. I did an experiment and included the edge cut layer in the Plot On All Layers list, and that seemed to fix the issue, but is that output setting something that is required when exporting gerbers for panels?

I’ve made panels using Diptrace and never came across this problem.

How did you define your holes?

I guess you should use NPTH, combined with turning F.Mask and B.Mask on.

Also, to have a better understanding of what you are sending to the fab, do not look at it in the PCB editor or 3D viewer, but open the gerber files in the Gerber Viewer.

(Edit: Updated screenshot with hole diameter).

I placed a circle in the Edge Cut layer. All the articles I have read say this is the way to create cut out holes. The Gerber View shows the same result, with the cut outs not completely through.

I say this maybe for millionth time: you can’t trust online viewers of manufacturers. They are for illustrative purposes only. Software they use for manufacturing is totally different.

No problem on my v7…

The Gerber Holes get loaded from the icon below. They show the Color Red on my color setup… Load ther NPTH gerbers and/or PTH if THT holes…

ADDED: I see your panel has Zero Diameter for the Hole !!!

The 3D-Viewer - Results
The Dual Pads are NPTH

Your Panel (screenshot)
Screen Shot 2024-05-11 at 14.19.13