EDF to Eeschema File Version 2

I am familiar with the sort-of-working e2sch in edif2kicad. This translates .EDF files to Eeschema file version 1 with varying success. Does such a tool exist for the new file format?

Also, I’m on the dev mailing list, but haven’t seen mention of estimated release time of what I can only assume will be Eeschema file version 3, I think this is on the roadmap for next release). Does anyone know when these changes might take place and if a version 2 to version 3 converter will be provided?

Great care is always taken to ensure that kicad can read older file formats; however you can expect the same issues that were encountered with the changes to the PCB format: schematic symbols will require translation and schematic files will need to be translated. The details of how the format translation will be supported remain to be seen.