ECR Warning on GND pin

I am trying to build a pi zero serial expansion with rs232 support. I have put together this schematic and I keep getting an ERC warning. I can’t seem to understand what it means.

FYI very new to this, pointers will be appreciated.

I see you have a power flag on your power input to the regulator. So, you know what they are. You will need a power flag on your ground net as well.

The regulator’s power output is actually a power output type pin, but the grounds are power input type pins. That way you can have several different power regulators in your circuit that all share the same ground. (You can only have one power output type pin on a net or the ERC will yell at you to warn you that you might have competing power outputs fighting for dominance on one net.) Logically, I’d put the power flag on the ground near your J3 connector (the source of your circuit’s power).

Also, you are using the ground symbol (it is just a specialized global label). You can clean your schematic up a bit by removing a lot of the connection wires to grounds and connect copies of that ground symbol near the pins that are connected to ground.

A style option that you may want to consider is changing the values for your capacitors from “.1” to “0.1”. Otherwise on a printout (especially a photocopy or fax of the printout) it may be difficult to tell your decimal point from a speck of dirt, or the decimal point might not be scanned well and won’t show up on the output. But totally optional.


Read this FAQ article carefully

Click the title (is a link) or the arrow on the top right to see the full post. (Including screenshots)

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:man_facepalming: Thanks completely missed that.

Yeah now I can clean it up the grounds for sure. Again thanks for your help.

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