Ecp5 fpga symbol

Hi, I am using the following ecp5 fpga symbol from @devbisme

However, I am pretty sure that ecp5 fpga does not have just this little amount of IO pinouts.
Am I missing something ?

place the other banks. This is part A of TBD

@Naib what do you mean ?

You don’t have to use all parts. Place the parts you will be using as needed. You should see a drop down list to choose them. It’s been awhile since I’ve used multi unit parts. You might have to open the part in the editor to see what is where.

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Do you notice the letter “A” after the Refdes ( U?)
In KiCad, as with other EDA suites it’s common to divide multi pin IC’s into different units. A TL072 opamp for example, is made out of 2 opamp symbols and a symbol for the power connections, and in KiCad these are called “Units” and numbered with capital letters.

In the symbol library browser you can see a “Unit A” in the top toolbar with a drop down menu to select any of the other units. You can also change this later by hovering over a schematic symbol and press e to edit it’s properties.

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Have a look here (sorry easiest link I had available)
A 484 pin FPGA so if this was a single symbol it would be unwieldy on a schematic, so it is broken into parts. For the Igloo2 family it is logical to allocate a symbol per bank

You might benefit from following the beginners tutorial i wrote. Especially the second section of the EEschema tutorial that goes into detail how to use multi unit symbols: Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started)

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