ECO after starting PCB layout

Hi, I need help. I’ve started the PCB layout and I realise that it’s better to rearrange some connections to GPIO. How to I make those change without throwing away the hours I spent routing?



Do the canges in the schematic and re import the netlist (or use the update schematic tool in kicad 5)
These things should not touch anything that did not change anything on the pcb side that still agrees with the schematic. (Meaning as long as you did not use “ignore DRC violations” in the router settings you should be fine)

I’m not sure I understand the question. Wiki GPIO

A general-purpose input/output ( GPIO ) is an uncommitted digital signal pin…

If the question is as it seems to me, the only change the schematic would need would be to change the function label of the device. This will mean that the current library part will need to be edited, or a new library symbol created.

@Rene_Poschl This is what trips me up about the question. The existing traces are going to be assigned the existing nets.

Ok. I’ll try to re-import the netlist to see if it works.

Thanks. That works brilliantly.

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