ECAD models .... why?

When I find a part in Mouser the 3D files are in “ECAD” format. This requires me to download and install and register some sort of interface that “allows” me to convert the ECAD and offers to help me retrieve parts from Mouser website.

Perhaps I’m old fashion but I don’t want to install another app just to get a 3D mode. And I certainly don’t want to register such an app.

Am I alone here?

Is there an alternative for converting ECAD to stp or similar?


That’s their way to control the distribution of their models.
I download 3d models for my projects from but for sure there are many alternatives. Here I can directly download STEP files. I had to register there to be able to download anyway.


Try going to the actual manufacturer’s website. Some (but not all) provide step files without needing a login or special app.