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Sometimes to describe a software issue you really want to record a .gif. I had been using Licecap. It is very easy and basic single function software. But some months ago it quit working under Windows 10. Just a little while ago I found an updated version which I recommend. I have no connection or personal stake in this, just a recommendation for users of this forum who might need to record a .gif. There seem to be a number of sites offering Licecap and I guess that some are bogus. But this one seems to work.

Cockos Incorporated | LICEcap

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Personally I don’t like gif animations at all. They are difficult to watch, they can’t be controlled, when they loop it’s difficult to know where it’s going. I don’t recommend them for screencapture. A normal video is much better. ShareX is great for Windows, it’s very versatile for screenshots and can take screen recording as mp4, too (well, also as gif).

Thanks for reminding me of what I had tried months ago…possibly on your recommendation. ShareX was doing things with my computer and I had no understanding or control. It was putting something (images?) onto the “cloud” if I remember correctly. I do not remember what it was. It seemed that I needed to uninstall ShareX in order to make that behavior quit. If you are deeply familiar with ShareX then perhaps you know what I am referring to and can elaborate on it.

It is true that with a .gif you cannot obviously see the beginning of the loop. But…I found this Licecap source when needed to document a software issue which I encountered on my company issued work computer. Licecap is quick, easy and lightweight.

I am not sure but I think you are proving my point. ShareX is Putin’s yacht when what I want is a rowboat. The menus you are showing me above need 12 pages of instructions. :Licecap quickly and easily did what I wanted. No instructions needed.

I can appreciate that kind of tool. ShareX is powerful and customizable, but it doesn’t represent decent usability, I admit. In any case I really don’t recommend attaching gif animations because they are so annoyingly unusable.

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