Easy way to add inactive global library to project specific libraries

I have many of the non-jelly bean component libraries (CPUs, FPGAs, MCUs, aso) deactivated globally, because it really slows down loading and many projects don’t use any of them. But I do have projects once in a while where I use STM32s, ESPs or AVRs for example. In that case I add the library to that project’s specific libraries. Am I missing something or do I really have to copy the path on the global library tab and then insert it on a new line on the project specific tab (and then repeat with the name, if I want to easily know what library it is later)?
How about a feature that lets you, let’s say, right click an entry in the global list and then “add to project”, which will add it to the project specific list (already activated)? Or even better merge the global and project specific tabs and have just two checkboxes, one for global, one for project specific?

Hi Lupin,

Why not go into Preferences / Manage Symbol/Footprint Libraries / Global Libraries and then tick to activate the required library, select the symbol/footprint required from that library, add it to your project, return to the Global Libraries and untick to deactivate that library again.

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