Easy create rectangle Polygon/Filled zone

Is this a good idea… (or am i just being lazy)

It would be really cool if one could hold down say button while creating a Polygon/Filled zone to easily make a 4 sided polygon.

I like rectangular fills instead of tracks sometimes when doing high current traces, I also use complex filled zone but prefer individual rectangles sometimes.

Would also be good if something similar could apply to making a rectangle out of tracks (for board outline, mechanical outline etc…)

Hold down the crtl key while creating your zone outline. It restricts the outline to k*45 degrees (k=0,1,2,…)

Yep, that’s what I do, clicking 4 points with the ctrl key pressed, it works ok.
It would be much quicker & accurate if only 2 points needed. Considering a rectangle would be a common shape for a PCB filled area.

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