Eagle project import. Old pre eagle 6 binary file format. Is there a way to import this?


You ask a good question. It is fundamentally about the principal. People have contributed libraries and designs to the community in Eagle formats in good faith over the years which are now at imminent risk of being fenced off behind restrictive and user unfriendly licence changes.

Any given design or library only needs to be converted once into an open format and shared, after which everyone in the FOSS community wins; so, a bit of my time coding gets multiplied into many open designs that remain accessible by many, long term, well after Autodesk does whatever it wants to do. Sounds good to me.

It has, incidentally, been a fascinating puzzle akin to digital archaeology.




I am happy at leaving this as a workable solution for a few users. Piling extra code into KiCad for a rare use case is software bloat and and diverting attention from more important missing features