Eagle-like tool based work flow?

Is it possible to recreate the Eagle tool based work flow?

For example with Eagle there is a move tool. When the move tool is selected anything that is clicked on moves. A second click then places the component. Besides the case where two components were too close together for the tool to know which one you wanted, no other input was required.

This is in contrast to KiCad where hitting the “m” key or right click and select from the menu is required to move every component. When moving large number of components individually this becomes tedious.

No, look at the function of the keys [F], [R], [G], [L], [E] , etc… and you know why KiCAD doesn’t have tools for all of those functions :wink:

With KiCAD your left hand will be on the keyboard.

PS: try [Shift]+[?]


To honest i like the kicad idea more. (i came from eagle nearly a year ago.)

A toolchange always brings new things to learn. I’m sure you will find lots of things you like more in kicad than in eagle and vice verso. Just hang in there for a while and be a bit open minded.

And as @Joan_Sparky already told you, kicad is more keyboard heavy to use. (all tools are reachable via a shortcut.)


Only for QWERTY users

I wasn’t aware that other mappings (probably for Arabic, Hebrew, etc…?) don’t have key’s defined.
Is that so?