Eagle CAD style gerber generation?

Heya I’m totally new to Kicad.
I’ve been looking for a professional substitute for Eagle ( It’s becoming too outdated and cumbersome )
And I’ve been following Kicad for a while. It seems to be a great piece of software.

However I was when trying to export the files for our manufacturer I was a bit dissapointed.
It seems I have to export the gerber and drill files seperately.
And I also couldnt seem to find a way to have Export profiles.

In Eagle you more or less press one button and you get a Zip file of all the
Gerber files, drill files and SMT files.

Is there a similar convinient way to do that in Kicad? Perhaps a plugin?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Yes, there are plugins to assist. In the Plugin Content Manager there is at least KiKit. There are also 4 manufacturer supplied plugins when I looked a moment ago. There were other gerber export plugins for v5.1 but I haven’t kept up with whether they have been upgraded to v6.0.

IMO, exporting the gerbers and drill data isn’t a big deal, just a few more clicks, unless you are fab hopping and need different presets for the many fabs you use. It’s more painful to export the PCBA data. Again plugins can help.

Happy plugging in.

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At the moment this is targeted for v8 which would be a Christmas present for late -23/early -24.

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Thank you. I will look into this :slight_smile:

Oooh that sounds lovely, even though it’s a bit in the future.

So this ended up a ‘buy it to kill it’?

I can’t be certain. But it very much feels that way.

As @retiredfeline stated

I setup all of my project to have a Folder named “out” so, One-click to select it and One-click to Export it. Finally, One-right-click to “Compress” it as ZIP on a Mac…

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 09.13.21

Thanks for all the replies and good suggestions.

I found a plugin that does exactly what i want :smiley:
So that should be the last hurdle before I switch.

Morten, Denmark