Each footprint twice in tree

I have installed (Kicad deleted and …/Roaming/kicad deleted) 5.1.0 Windows 7 64 bit.

Do you see footprint list in footprint editor like me - each element twice?
Double clicking at one in list selects two (the same) - see screenshot.
There are no two files for each footprint on disc.

During first opening Footprint Editor I got few errors. But next opening no errors.
Because of these I’m not sure - should I reinstall KiCad or report a bug - so: Do you see each footprint twice, like me?

The same platform here, but I don’t see problems, nor have I ever seen that problem on this or any other platform. Is it a new empty project you are using?

No my steps were:

  • uninstall KiCad,
  • deleter User…Roaming/kicad,
  • install KiCad 5.1 (not in C:\Program Files, but in C:\Programy - to make Microsoft not questioning eny edition or so on)
  • copy C:\Programy\KiCad\share\kicad\demos\pic_programmer to D:…\pic_programmer
  • run KiCad
  • Open Project - pic_programmer on D:
  • run Footprint Editor - here nothing is doing so click its button once more - after some time windows with some errors list opened and two Footprint Editor windows opened,
  • close all KiCad windows,
  • run KiCad,
  • run Footprint Editor - no errors reported, but each footprint I see twice,
  • changed Language, close all, open once more - make this screenshoot.

Does this happen with new empty project?

Give a screenshot of Configure Paths dialog (all paths) and check if Manage Footprint Libraries dialog doesn’t have any duplicate library names.

After File|New|Project… and opening Footprint Editor I see each footprint once.

As I have deleted User…Roaming\kicad all library lists come from installation.
I have looked through library list - fortunatelly they are in alfabetic order which helped me to check that no one is doubled.
I don’t remember the option name but during installation I didn’t marked one addition option connected with paths.
The only what I have changed during installation was:

  • C:\Program Files to C:Programy
  • select only English and Polish help

When I opened (Open Recent) pic_programmer again Footprint Editor now lists all footprints only once.

Now I hope error was automagically disapeared :slight_smile:

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