Dxf to pcb editor

I just want to make a copper pattern which is drawn in other cad.
When I import dxf file in copper layer i can’t do anything because it is regarded as a graphic object.
So how can i draw copper pattern on the board?

DXF does not have any netlist information like Gerber has. This information normally comes from schematic what is also missing. If its only a simple and pure RF meander or printed component, its probably best if you reroute on a layer above ? If your mechanical CAD is able to write Gerber, you could go with the Geber-Viewer to Layout. Anycase you need to create a schematic and assign the placement to existing traces.

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Maybe you can use KicadStepUp in FreeCad to achieve your requirement.

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You can select Single or All the DXF lines and make tracks.
Example shows importing into User layer then converting to Tracks (you can import DXF into any layer - I show User because it’s Green and easy to turn visibility off after converting).

Further, vid shows setting to a Net (I created a new Net as one didn’t exist).

The DXF was drawn in FreeCad (screenshot).


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