DXF problem on PCBNEW

Hi I am new to Kicad so forgive me if this is a silly question !

I want to import a dxf drawing to create a board outline in PCBNEW. When I go to the import tab there is no import dxf option just Spectra Session and Import Graphics.

I am using 5.1.2-2 and I think it supports this function as I have seen comments about dxf’s from people using version 4.

Do I need to load a plug in or is there some enable function in the set up ?

I would appreciate any advice that anyone has.


file->import->import graphics

And remember there are many flavours of the DXF format. If you have control of the format, saving in R12 format seems to be the most compatible with KiCad.

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Thanks guys
That has worked brilliantly !
I saved as R12 and once I remembered to turn the correct layer on in Kicad I could see it.

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