DXF import into module editor

I am trying to import some DXF files into Kicad.
Specifically, those are some (non-empty) polygons created with QCAD
However, I note that I can only import the OUTLINE of my polygons.
Moreover, I suspect that zero outline width import is not supported, so even if I could import the filled polygon I still might have a problem.

I know that a possibly way around it will be to export my polygons as .bmp and then import them into Kicad, but this involves some kind of approximation and I get my polygons on annoying off-grid points.

Is there a systematic way to import polygons into kicad module editor? Off topic - GerbView Gerber import was giving “strange” output when I tested it last month and didn’t seem to work as well.


The DXF importer currently only supports outlines consisting of line segments and circular arc segments. What are you trying to do which requires filled polygons? At the moment the module editor does not support filled polygons and it is unlikely to ever support filled polygons on copper since there would be DRC issues.

I have been trying to import some printed antenna designs, as well as planar inductors.
Being able to import them accurately as components will be great (without using Chriss Gammell’s bmp2component method). It doesn’t have to be DXF, it’s just the simplest I know.

As for DRC issues - is this because metal layer “graphics” in components that are not defined as pads, are unrecognized by the DRC checker?

I can think of two ways around this -

  1. Force add keepout area around such components over all layers such that the user will have to fully define connectivity in its periphery.

  2. Do what most EDA software do (including some IC/RF design software) and go into the component hierarchy. Then, a printed inductor will throw a “short” DRC error, and the user will have to manually authorize. This is O.K since in most cases there are only handful of such cells per board.

Thanks for the reply!