DXF and NPTH drill holes


Im new to Kicad (and pcb in general)

Have imported this this dxf file:

and added it to the edge cut layer. What im not sure about is if the drill holes are correct or if I need to use/add NPTH instead? What is the best way to do this if? (planning using OSH park)


Circles on the Edge cuts layer will be milled instead of being drilled. In most cases this is a less precise solution and probably not what you want.

If you want the holes to be within the drill file you need to add NTPH Holes to your PCB.


I’m doing the same thing right now. I’ve imported a DXF file and in order to ensure that the hole will be drilled I’m adding “1pin” footprints and removing the circles coming from the dxf template.

I also set the ‘1pin’ pad type property to “NPTH, mechanical”.

What I didn’t understand is that in 3D view the holes with NPTH looks the same as the ones with “through-role” pad type.

Is this just a 3D issue ?

You need to set drill size and pad size to the same dimension.

I found this topic from 2015:

Yep, that did the magic !

but I think that would be much better if Kicad just set the values automatically when using NPTH. I think that others think the same in the link you provided. :wink:

thanks a lot, Rene.