DWM1000 Module Custom Library


I have created a custom library for the Decawave DWM1000 Module. But somehow when i wire, i am getting errors like these:

ErrType(5): Conflict problem between pins. Severity: error
@ (212.09 mm,67.31 mm): Pin 24 (Output) of component U9 is connected to 
@ (212.09 mm,69.85 mm): pin 23 (Output) of component U9 (net 1).

I am guessing this has something to do with the Pin Properties. Here is the datasheet of DWM1000:

I am keeping all the VSS pins as OUTPUT.

Can someone please let me know where i am going wrong?


The Vss pins are GND pins, why would you assign them the Electrical type of “Output”? They should be Power Inputs.

DRC is going to complain whenever you connect to pins of Electrical type “Output” together, even if they are the same output.



That helped thanks. But i am getting a different error.

ErrType(3): Pin connected to some others pins but no pin to drive it
@ (246.38 mm,74.93 mm): Pin 1 (Power input) of component #PWR09 is not driven (Net 1). 

Sorry, I am a Kicad newbie.


Pins with the Electrical type “Power Input” need to be connected to a pin with the Electrical type “Power Output”. In the case where power is supplied from a connector (and almost always the case for GND) you need to add a “Power Flag” to indicate that the net is connected to a power source.

So you need to add a Power Flag to your GND net, preferably at the connector that supplies power to your board.



I am still having a hard time understanding the concept. Should i connect the VSS pins to the LDO output as marked here.

Please recommend some link/readup to get a hang of this.


Vdd pins are already connected via the 3.3V power symbol to Vo of LM117. The same for GND and VSS. The power symbols work as a global labels throughout the schematic.

I recommend you the kicad manual. You can also google for some tutorials.

The power flag that you have on the + terminal of the battery should instead be on the - terminal. Although the pins on the battery itself should be of Power Output type.

I managed to clear ERC (for now) after looking at Kicad manual and some youtube videos. Here is the circuit if anybody needs it. Thanks for the help.

Only use power flags where you know you need them, otherwise they just hide errors. The power flag on pin 8 of the DWM1000 module might satisfy ERC but it is not needed and only hides the actual error, there is no connection between the GND net and the power supply.