Duplicating a Hierarchical sheet several times on the same schematic[SOLVED]


So I’m basically tring to duplicate a helical sheet a few times off the same schematic just with different sheet name for each.

How’d I do that?

NVM, here is the solution:

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Do you mean Hierarchical sheet?

Either use block select plus copy block. (after copying you only need to change the sheet name. Leave the filename unchanged.)

Or simply add a new sheet with the same file name (The reference needs to be different for all sheets.) There will be a popup asking you if you want to create a sheet with the same content. Yes you want that.

For this to work be careful with global labels. Use hierarchical pins to connect the sheet to the outside.

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What’s a helical sheet?

A typo I think, but I lost my ability to edit titles :frowning:

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Sorry for replying so late but I’ve found the solution right away wonder why everybody missed that but thanks anyway

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