Duplicating a Component/Footprint to create a new Part

Hi there -
I’d like to create a new component/footprint based on a standard 14-pin DIP chip. Being a bit of a DIP chip myself, I’m having a hard time to getting the hang of the software.

I start by going to Symbol Editor. I pick a chip and right-select “Duplicate” - this immediately duplicates several other chips.
I discard and start over. This time, “Save a Copy As” - same problem. Clearly, I need to un-group a chip or start with a different baseline part. From there, I have no idea how to change the pin out labeling or retain the same footprint.

I’m sure this question has been asked a dozen times - but I am having a hard time finding the right information. Can anyone help direct me towards a very simple walk-through or offer some advice? Thank you.

Most likely cause is that the schematic symbol you copied has aliases.

You can simply remove these aliases with Symbol Editor / Edit / Properties / (Tab page) Aliases

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Position mouse at pin and hotkey e (edit) or right-click and select Edit.

I supposed that when copying the footprint is not lost, but if…
Menu: Edit-Properties and among others you can set footprint

Thanks everyone - this has helped me get much closer to my goal, but I’m still not quite there.

It seems that there is a “main IC” - and you can’t simply duplicate and change it. You can delete all of its aliases, but it remains. If I try to rename it, it just makes a new alias for the new IC - but I still have a copy of the old “main IC”. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello @abaci

Open the symbol editor.
Right click, after finding, the IC.
Click “save as”
Change the name of the IC to what you want.
Scroll through the list of libraries (under your new named IC) until you find your personal library.
Left click your personal library.

That should get you there.

After the “Duplicate”, do: Symbol Editor / Edit / Properties / (Tab) General / Value

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