Duplicate Lines In Footprint Courtyard Of Downloaded Footprint

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.


I’m a fairly new user of KiCad (using version 6.0.0).

Using a Footprint I downloaded from Ultra Librarian (for the resistor “Yageo
CFR-25JB-52-200R”), when I use the PCB Editor “Inspect | Design Rules Checker” menu, I receive the error:

Error: Footprint has malformed courtyard (self-intersecting)

When I manually examined the shape on the “F.Courtyard” layer in the Footprint Editor, I noticed that each line in the shape had a 2nd duplicate line at exactly the same location. Removing these duplicate lines fixes the error.

It seems to me that this is just an error in the Ultra Librarian supplied Footprint (and maybe I should let them know?) but I wanted a more experienced forum member to confirm my conclusion in case I’ve misunderstood something.

Thanks for your help!

Those 3rd party services use some internal format which is automatically translated to KiCad format, and those translations tend to be somewhat buggy, at least sometimes.

It wouldn’t hurt to let them know. If they are intent on providing quality content they should appreciate it. Fixing one thing in the software might affect hundreds or even thousands of other potential problems.

Thanks for the replies - it sounds like this is something to expect from time to time - but as suggested, I will feedback to Ultra Librarian - especially as there were a few other Footprints I had downloaded that had the same problem.

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