Duplicate a board layout

Is there a way to replicate a layout multiple times? I remember there being a “Append Board” option in pcbnew but I can’t seem to find that anymore. I’m on KiCad version 4.0.5.

Are you referring to panelizing your boards (multiple boards) or replicating a section (of common components) of a layout multiple times? Just for clarification.


Append Board is available when running pcbnew in standalone mode.

That’s interesting to know.
Eeschema in stand-alone mode can apparently append schematics as well (with the excpeption of hierarchical sheets).

@rocketman49 I should’ve mentioned that. Not panelizing my board. Wanted to duplicate a few section of the layout and then fuse these layouts with another layout.

@pedro Thanks! This did the job. I didn’t know this.