Dual package OpAmp [Solved]

I want to use a dual package OpAmp. Looking at the available symbols, the dual OpAmps are split up into two individual symbols, which is typical. What I have not seen before is that both symbols have power and ground pins. The pin numbers are the same, 8 and 4 on both symbols. The other pin numbers change to reflect the two different OpAmps in the same package.

How should i treat the two sets of power and ground pins? Hook them both up or leave one set disconnected?

Connect both units to power networks.

Yeah, that clutters the schematic a little but it’s a very minor annoyance. (Trust me.)

One possible alternative is to re-draft the component as a THREE section component: two sections for the opamps themselves (WITHOUT power pins), and one section just for the power connections. Then you can tuck the power section into a corner of your drawing, where you show the power connections to ALL of the IC’s and modules in your design, along with decoupling capacitors, common-mode chokes, fuses, and other stuff associated with power distribution. No, I don’t draft my schematics that way but it IS a reasonable approach.


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Today this approach is a bit worthless because making that three unit component you have to disable automatic unit interchangeable and manualny controll of unit distribution before or after auto annotation. If the devs don’t screw it in incomming new schematic and library file format such approach will be very good, today it make unnecessary manual work.

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How do you create a two section symbol?
I have not had any luck trying to find it.

Press the button “edit component properties”
In the dialog that opens set the unit count to your desired number of units.

In this forum post we gave an example (with screenshots) on how one could make a multi unit symbol:
(But in such a way that you would have 3 units.)


That is an excellent guide. It answered all the question I had. I created a new component with two symbols and only one set of power pins.
Thank you.

I would advice you to either add the power pins to both units or make a separate unit just for the power pins. (what happens if you only need the unit without the power pins in one of your projects?)

I had the same problem using a TL082 but if you open the properties and select the UNIT C you will be able to use the power and ground pins.