dsPIC30F4011 library component

Hello all,

I wish to use the digital signal controller in my project dsPIC30F4011 , creating a library for the same is quite time consuming. I wish to know if there is a .lib file already present with respect to the KiCAD file.

There are some pic processors in the lib. (At least for 4.0.6 or newer. I have not checked this for older versions.) The pic libs are not added by default to new projects. Have a look in your kicad system directory and add the pic libs. Maybe you are lucky and either the component you want to use is in there or some very similar symbol might exist.

(The kicad system lib location is operating system dependent. You can find out more by looking at the component library dialog found in eeschema->preferences. The system dir is one of the directories in the current search path list.)

That part has less than 50 pins. You can make a symbol for it in 15 minutes using KiPart.

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Here is a library converted from Eagle, I can’t vouch for the quality. It uses it’s own footprints, I think equivalent KiCad footprints could be substituted in most cases. The source of the data was https://www.diymodules.org/eagle-show-library?type=usr&id=1856

microchip-dspic.zip (35.8 KB)