Dsn specification

I found the flex parser for dns files,
but I was not able to find a documentation specification or reference design pdf
anyone has an idea where I can found it ?

I do not remember ever seeing a " *.dsn " file associated with KiCAD. (Forum members, especially KiCAD developers, please correct me promptly if that is not true.)

What program produced your *.dsn files, or what information do they typically contain? If I recall correctly, the " *.dsn " extension is used by some Spice simulators for their (proprietary) encrypted Spice models . . . but the *.dsn filename extension may be used in other applications.


.dsn is used for pcb layout on KiCAD, I dont find spec for it :frowning:
but the link is dead :frowning:

No it is not. The file extension for kicad layouts is .pcb_new .kicad_pcb (and for very old versions it was .brd)

KiCad can export a limited subset of this file formats specification to serve freeroute.

thanks for information, still anyone has specification of .dsn files :frowning: ?

You can look at the source code responsible for exporting dsn files. (c++)

Or you can look at the freeroute code. (java)

yes I know, I said I found the flex file defining the language, a pdf used to be online at http://sm-7.net/upload/PCB/Autorouters%20and%20autoplacers/Cadence_specctra/Design_Language_Reference.pdf
but it went off … so wondering if someone know where to find more information before me digging in the deep code java or cpp

Thank you for the correction.

Like @Rene_Poschl said, it is NOT used for KiCAD’s PCB layout files, but it IS used as an interface to some auto-routing programs. Try searching with " specctra " (yes, the " c " is repeated) in the search seed: “specctra files”, or “specctra formats”, or “specctra interface”, etc.


Very few people on this Forum use autorouting (I don’t!) and very few KiCAD developers monitor this Forum. In the source code files that @Rene_Poschl mentioned you may find a comment listing a reference that was used as a basis for the code. Or, you could look for clues in the " KiCAD Developer’s Mailing List " (and here ), or even become one of them. (Whatever your coding project is that uses *.dsn files, it may be useful to the KiCAD development effort.)


The file extension for kicad layouts is .kicad_pcb

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