Dropbox links for new users

Thank you Niluje.

I have made these changes as suggested. I can’t upload and my link is blocked.

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Too many links to Dropbox has triggered a spamming detection trap. Dropbox has to be whitelisted for new users and I think only @ChrisGammell can do that


Adam, it seems like you should have been bumped up to the next membership level by now. I don’t recall the exact requirements to have the new-user restrictions removed, but it’s basically “Show some interest in the Forum’s subject matter and participate a little bit.”. I believe you have to log in on a couple of different days, read a handful of threads (or at least parts of them), and submit a post or two. (Perhaps give a “Like” to somebody’s post, but I’m not sure about that.)

Glancing through your profile the only potential shortcoming I see is, looking at only a few threads. Find a couple more topics to look at, and the new-user restrictions should be lifted.

Oops - I see your 2nd post in this thread was flagged. Was that a spanking from the automated spam cop? The post’s content looks OK to me.

If the restrictions aren’t lifted soon, message one of the admins and ask why. I think @ChrisGammell, @Joan_Sparky and @davidsrsb are admins - there are probably others.



His profile looks normal, still at new user level.
No blocks or anything, just two flags received, but I can’t do anything about it afaik.

I bumped his level to basic user though. Maybe that helps.

you might consider using github for these files, I don’t think that those URLs will be flagged by the system…


The forum detects frequent links to external urls as likely to be spamming. Only whitelisted sites are excluded from this. Obviously whitelisting Dropbox in general for new users would be reckless.
The forum software doesn’t seem to make it easy for a moderator to restore these auto blocked posts


Pulled out the thread about dropbox stuff to try and keep things about the project on that thread. I have whitelisted the following domains in the “white listed spam host domains” field for Discourse:

If admins or anyone else sees spam coming from these domains in the future, please alert me immediately. @davidsrsb was correct in assuming that only a full admin can add or remove domains from the whitelist.


It’s a pity that the forum software doesn’t just temporarily hide the suspect postings and refer for moderation

What software package is this? I’ve poked around and not found of it. Probably ‘skinned out’ the references or I’ve just missed it? There are some things I like about it and might want to check it out for another project.

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I believe it does, actually, though I may have been the only one allowed to unhide it? If I look back at the original thread, I see that the post is showing now, including when I look at it on incognito mode.

Were there other instances of files that got deleted/hidden?

Is that due to whitelisting or @ahacking getting promoted to Basic?

I unhid it manually. Not sure if it was an option for the mods, but it was for me.