Dropbox as working directory (Windows)

I am using Kicad 4.* on 2 computers. I have my created footprints in Dropbox.

Is there a way I can change the working directory for everything (mainly projects) to Dropbox? Then I could safe the project on one PC and continue on another.

It seems there is no easy way as I see no settings for working directory and no *.INI file.

(other then that, great software!)

What are the paths to your Dropbox directory on each computer? Are they different? (Different user names maybe?)

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…contains settings for KiCAD and it’s modules as well as the footprint library table.

C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\template

…contains the templates, and more important the kicad.pro file which has got the part/symbol library table that is accessed each time you create a new project.

Start > Control Panel > System > Computer name, domain… ‘Change Settings’ > {new window} System Properties > {Tab} Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables …

… contains KISYS3DMOD and KISYSMOD.
Those paths point to your local folders for the footprints and 3d models, so you can use those variables in the setting files for fp-lib-table and use relative paths for the 3d models in the footprint.

I got my system setup so that I use only local parts/symbols, footprints and 3d models.
See no problem pointing at dropbox folders for those.
The settings will be local though, unless you manage some script that copies stuff via dropbox from one machine to the other…

Thanks for the replies! I think I can go from here.

I am still in the Kicad early learning phase (tried DesignSpark, didn’t like their library, and Eagle, good, but that 100mm limit for the free version…)

I probably have other questions, soon…

Cool, you won’t regret it!