Drl files and pcb editor

FYI Im completely new to kicad, I have .drl files that show where the holes are on this pcb but nothing appears when I drag and drop the drl files into the pcb editor, when I put the .drl files with the gerber files as a rar into jlcpcb.com, the viewer shows the drill holes as misaligned with the holes I made on the pcb board, but im not sure how to realign the hole in the drl file because I’m not sure how to open them in in kicad.

When you create Gerber or Drill files, you can use KiCad’s own (absolute) coordinates, or you can use the drill/place file origin for the coordinates. You must use the same origin for both the Gerber and the drill files.

You can verify whether you did it right, in KiCad’s own Gerber viewer. You can load both the gerber files and the drill file into it.

Not to mention sometimes the online tools give bogus results?