Drill table imported is not the right size

I’m trying to follow the latest video from Chris Gammell and insert the drill table information. I’m using KiCad 5.1.9 on macOS.

And this is my map file generation menu with the option selected for DXF map file format:

However, the drill table looks really tiny with think lines. So you cannot see it at all. How can I import the drill table in the correct dimensions or change the dimensions after importing it? Am I missing some other configurations?


I’m making an assumption here but could it be that you designed (or saved) the dxf in Imperial Units? (In the import section you selected metric as per the screenshot)


Thanks a lot! Yes, it was indeed the case of choosing the wrong units.
I regenerated the DXF map files with the metric units.

For future reference for anyone else with a similar issue, I’m attaching the screenshots below with the correct options.

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