Drill files - duplicate tools

Just noticed that one of my fabrication exports contains duplicate tool listed.


And in the drill file itself:
; #@! TA.AperFunction,Plated,PTH,ComponentDrill
; #@! TA.AperFunction,Plated,PTH,ComponentDrill

Shouldn’t they be automatically merged into a single tool?

In what footprints are those holes?
Can you see anything in Pcbnew which would prevent these from merging?

If you’re using the nightlies, are these holes also identical in Inspect > Show Board Statistics > Drill Holes?

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Good catch.
One footprint had the holes set to 0.8001 which caused the issue.
I would have caught this before, but was comparing wrong holes :confused:

I am not entirely sure sure where this is going but I did verify it and made an issue for this on gitlab.

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What are the origins of those two footprints?
Standard DIP packages have 0.8mm holes, but where does the footprint with the 0.8001mm holes come from?

These are all my own design footprints.
However, I started my work on the libraries years ago in the era of KiCad BZR3256 (early 2012) and it got some rounding issues which have been resolved later with improving internal resolution. It was imported into newer versions many times, did some cleanup but still they may be rough edges here and there.
So I expect it may be the case.

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