DRC very slow, Removing insulated copper islands

DRC very slow, Removing insulated copper islands dialog shows up and goes on for quite some time I let it run for 30min with no progress.

This project was created in 4.0.7 and I just updated.

I just opened the PCB and attempted to refill zones. Also the progress bar only updated when I dragged the dialog around a bit. Kicad 5.0-rc2-215-g0748c118d


Must be a new bug. This happens with today’s nightly build, not yesterday.

I reported this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1779414

The nightly build was built between two related commits, the latter fixed the problem.

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So in the race between us and the devs to find a bug, this time they won. :wink:

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