DRC reports unconnected pad that seems very much connected…?

I get this non-connected error for a pad that is connected to a filled zone:

Looks like this:

I can rid the message if I do an ugly connection like this:

But I would rather not… I have quite a few similar. Is there a known fix?

Play around a bit with your zone settings. I think for zones DRC only sees a pad as connected if it’s center is within the zone. (so reducing the clearance by a bit might help you out.)

@Rene_Poschl What’s a reasonable clearance? I had 0.2". Is 0.1" too little? That seem to help a bit…

This is something you need to check with your manufacturer.

The zone clearance is different from the project clearance. Each zone has its own clearance settings. (This might be the root of your problem. Because the trace is quite near to the pad. Much nearer than the zone is to the other pad.)

I just suggested you play around a bit such that we can be sure that this is the problem. (And because it looks like a small change might fix the problem.)

If changing the clearance (within reason) does not help you can also add a short trace somewhere here:

Another option would be to move this trace a bit:

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