DRC Power Pin Conflict

I have a part (SMSC LAN9500A) which takes a 3.3V input and outputs a distinct supply from an internal regulator on two pins, 50 and 21. I’ve created a part for it, giving these two pins the same name and marking them as power outputs. However, when I try to connect them both to the same net, I get a DRC error about conflict between two power outputs. In a sense it’s right, but the circuit is also correct.

What’s the best way to resolve this?

I believe it is common to just move on to Pcbnew. So maybe the error is not of much consequence.

There is nothing wrong with having an ERC error WHEN you understand why.
As you have just found out, these corner cases are hard to fix with simple checking logic

Usually Pcbnew DRC errors are more serious and should be corrected


You can edit the component symbol (Ctrl + E) and try to change the pin 50 and 21 to bidirectional. Hope it will eliminate an error.

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Thanks all for the suggestions.