DRC / local clearance

Hi, is there any way to define DRC clearance for individual pads?
I do have one spot on my PCBs which requires track-to-pad clearance a bit closer than anywhere else on the board (I mostly do 6mils, but this particular spot I’d like to go down to 5mils).
I see that I can set individual pad clearance in the Pad properties dialog, but this seems to have no effect on my DRC.
Right now I do live with DRC errors in thse tight areas, but would prefer to get the board DRC error-free, while still keep my basic 6mils clearance.

It doesn’t help if other related clearances are violated. It works if there are pads close to each other. But the tracks still use the net clearance. Can you show a screenshot?

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In my case this is Pad-to-track clearance violation.
I run a 6mil trace between crystal pads, but the distance between the track and crystal’s pads are less than 6mil.

Why not just use a different net class with smaller clearance for that track because it doesn’t run anywhere else anyways?

You can also try a zone.


Well probably because I don’t know enough the tool I’m using :slight_smile:
The “Net class” is the best solution in my case. It’s always about short XTAL tracks in my current designs.
Thank you @eelik .

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