DRC issue with hole proximity

I’m having a minor issue with the DRC objecting to the hole spacing on my “mousebites” footprints.

I’ve used the same footprints over several versions of Kicad, and had a string of boards made using the footprint, so practically, it’s well proven.

Using a recent version of Kicad that footprint now triggers a DRC issue. Or rather a DRC issue for every hole in the mousebite. I guess it is triggered by some improvements to the DRC. The check is, in general useful, and hole spacings like that in the structure of the board are clearly an issue, but intentional break points are clearly a special case.

Is there some mechanism to flag the hole pattern in the footprint as intentional, so that the DRC specifically ignores those hole patterns? Or a way to tell the DRC to use a special set of rules when testing the footprint? Possibly use different rules for no-PTH holes might be enough?

Obviously I can simply ignore the warning, but I really like to get the board error free, as otherwise I risk ignoring something important.


Soo, what is the DRC error you’re getting?
It’s text, post it here, or at least a screenshot.

Anyway, my best guess is:
Pcbnew / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Minimum hole to hole:"

In my current project it’s set to 0.25mm, and that is probably the default.
From what I remember from an earlier thread:
This is not the center to center distance, but the width of the wall remaining between the holes.

Sorry I probably wasn’t clear. Yes that is the issue, and I can obviouslety reduce the limit to avoid the error. I don’t want to do that, as the test is a good way to find things like duplicated footprints. What I’m looking for is a way to selectivly set that limit to ignore a specific footprint.
I’m not hopefull, but given how clever Kicad is, it’s not an impossible hope.