DRC in eeschema BZR 6115, 6127 crashes

I just installed the most recent versions Kicad BZR 6115 and 6127 on 2 different WIN7 systems (32bit and 64bit).
When I open a schematic and start DRC, Kicad crashes on one PC (kicad.exe does not work anymore). The other PC
shows the DRC windows but all 3 buttons empty (white). AT least on this PC the DRC works when I hit the middle empty button. Any ideas ?

Could you try and earlier version from http://www2.futureware.at/~nickoe/ ?

I have same problem when I install kicad-product-r6134.4e94d52-i686.exe and kicad-product-r6149.4a56ee4-i686.exe, KiCad crash when I hit ERC button.

Then I tried kicad-product-r5528.036404d-i686.exe as nickoe said , it works fine.

I am using 32bit windows xp.

I did some futher test, latest version which have a working ERC is “kicad-product-r5989.9b9c794-i686.exe”

release 6134 still crashing ERC, then checked with old release 5528: no problems with ERC !

I would recommend checking bug reports on https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/ and if not already there add one. Bugs that make things crash get fixed pretty fast

nickoe, we discussed the problem here

but no improvement yet. What can I do to support you finding the (library?) bug ?