DRC Exclusion with regexp

Is it possible to use regexp to exclude DRC items somehow?


For instance, I would like to exclude checks for kibuzzard-.* to declutter the DRC list.

The Syntax Help on Custom Rules shows this exclusion but there is no usage example.

I feel it is kind of hard to start creating those rules without reusing something form the examples on the Syntax Help.

It is not possible to script the exclusion of DRC items after they are generated. It is only possible to write custom rules to prevent DRCs from being generated in the first place.

However, at the moment, I don’t think any customization is possible for the error you highlighted. You could open an issue for it on Gitlab. I see two possible routes (both of which could happen independently)

  1. Add custom rule support for this library configuration error DRC, so you can disable it for certain footprints

  2. Make this DRC not throw an error for footprints with an empty/blank library, like this kibuzzard footprint.

Yeah, that would work. I am going to create this issue, thanks @craftyjon