DRC Errors on Gerber Files


we did a prytotype in kicad and send the gerber files to our manufacturer. The problem is that our manufacturer found many drc errors because the edge of the plane (see screen) is drawn as a line segment. But the design rule between line to plane is different then line to line. So they got many drc errors becasue the line as the edge of the plane is to close to the signal line. Is there any possibility to merge the edge lines into the plane?!

What’s your KiCad version?

Kicad version 5.1.5.

Who is the fabricator? (One would expect his CAM software to be able to deal with it. It is pretty obvious that the line at the edge of the plane is not a trace.)

The fabricator is kyocera and I don’t know why they could not deal with it. My current plan is to write a gerber parser/writer which replaces those lines.

This is quite some work. Do you have space to set the trace to trace clearance large enough to also cover the trace to copper pour spacing? The the clearance problem at Kyocera would go away.

This would not work. But the gerber parser works for me. The size of one file is now 12mb, lets see what Kyocera thinks about it. But as I can see Kicad has no solution for that.

Is it really really true that they consider the lines in the gerbers and not only copper? Or is there some miscommunication somewhere? Is the “design rule” yours or theirs? I wouldn’t trust any manufacturer which poses such rules to their customers. Have they ever produced pcb’s from gerbers made with old software where copper zones are made completely with segments without polygons? Or have they used only gerbers made with some specific software and tuned their rules according to that?

Depending on your situation one possibility could be to use KiCad version 5.99 (a nightly build) to generate the gerbers.


This makes the zones to be pure polygons without outline segments.

If you do that, use only a copy of the project to open and generate with 5.99.

Oh, I will try this. Thank you.
And about manufactoring. We try to build a package with kicad. Thats why we have those constraints. We are not able to use the kicad drc because below the die there are other constraints.
This prototye is part of a bachelor thesis where we try script a package with python. Thats why we use Kicad.

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