DRC Error: unconnected net that is connected

I’m not sure if this would be considered a bug or if this is intentional. If it is a bug I’m not sure where to report it. I have a large test point that is half on a plane. The thermal reliefs connect the pad to the plane but only two of the thermal reliefs are connected. This results in Pcbnew thinking that the part is un-routed. If I put the test point fully in the plane the rats nest goes away.

I think the board will fab okay even with the dangling rats nest, just unnerving.


DRC does not reject it because only two thermal reliefs are connected, but because the center (attachment point) of the pad is outside of the zone boundaries.

A quick fix is to add a few corners to your zone, and then make it a bit bigger under the pad.

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Thanks, I just figured this out myself as well… I guess this a good work around.

3 minutes was not quick enough?

Haha… Plenty quick enough. I should of posted sooner, I scratched my head for 30 minutes try to figure this out. It wasn’t until I started trying to describe the problem that light-bulbs started turning on.

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Attempting to explain a problem in simple, clear terms will often result in identifying the problem.

A former manager referred to this technique as “Explaining it to the janitor” because it doesn’t matter whether the person you’re explaining it to understands you; it’s the process of putting your thoughts in order that gives you insight into solving the problem.


Another forum I participated in some years back had this term “POP”: Power of the Post.

Sometimes a forum member would be stuck trying to work out the puzzle at hand, but it would often happen when they hit ‘post’ or shortly thereafter, they would suddenly realize something they had previously overlooked before taking the time to describe their situation.

Pad centres are very important in KiCad DRC. Two overlapping pads are only connected if a centre is inside the other pad outline

Thanks, I just figured this out myself as well

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