DRC error saying malformed outline, but arrow is off board V6.0

My design is finished and I was just cleaning up a few things. I’ve imported this dxf file before with no problems. But this time upon running DRC, I get the malformed outline error and the red arrow is no touching anything.

You can see the arrow randomly under my board. I’ve looked at all of the surrounding lines and they are connected properly. I’ve gone around about 80% of the board so far and their are no issues. No gaps. All lines connected.

Anyone know if this is a bug?

Sorry for the picture but our internet is down right now so I’m doing this on my phone.

Hello, I think you can zoom in on the area and then click on the arrow or something above. At this point there is certainly an unused part such as a line. try to check them all individually for the error.

Thanks for reply. What I have found is that there are artifacts or small dots under the lines that are hidden from view. I’m not sure why they are there unless something happened to this DXF file on the import. I’ve used it before with no issue but it imported wrong this time it seems. It’s taken me several hours of moving every single line to see if anything is under it.
Why does the arrow point to the actual issue? There doesn’t seem to be anything near the arrow at all.

Ugh. I figured out what it was. I didn’t have the graphic on the correct layer. It wasn’t on Edge.Cuts. Hope someone else will see this and it will help. If the arrow is pointing to a random place not on your board, it likely can’t find the board.


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