DRC error annular ring

Using Kicad v7.0.2

I have some PTH holes in my design. Design rule set to min anular ring 0.35mm.

Pad size 5.5mm
Hole size 3.2mm

DRC check complains: “min annular ring 0.35mm, actual 0.2mm”

I would expect annular ring: (5.5 - 3.2) / 2 = 1.15mm
Even with some tolerances it is much more than 0.2 mm

Is my understanding correct ?

Correct IMHO. I did a quick check as well and DRC was not complaining here. So something else must be going on. Hard to say without having the board…

Thanks for your reply. At least I know id didn’t overlook something obvious. I will try to find out why it’s happening. Will first try with the same footprint in a ‘fresh’ PCB design to see if it behaves the same.

Check that you don’t have any extra overlapping items, hidden by other items.

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